Our Pancake Day Post


This month’s Center Parcs blogger challenge over at Tots100  is all about pancake day. If you’re a blogger and would like to be in with a chance to win a fantastic short break then take a look here .

As readers of my blog will already know,my eldest daughter is extremely poorly and confined to her bed at the moment, this affects family life quite a lot. We did still manage to do pancake day though, in a slightly more compromised way this year. We chose to have ours on the Sunday before, when my husband was home (as he works late during the week). My husband did pancake duty, he has every year since we met and he does a fab job of keeping everyone happy.

Other years he has made his own mix and we’ve had savory as well as sweet fillings. However this year is very unlike other years, so this year we bought some ready made mix, but it did the job just fine and there were certainly no complaints. My husband had 8 of us to cook for so he was busy at the hob quite a while, as no one wants just 1 pancake in our house. I honestly think the children would have had him stood there all evening,and would have had about 10 pancakes each :-) As it was they settled for 2 or 3 each. The fillings were simple and sweet (as they’d had a roast dinner earlier in the day), neapolitan ice cream, blueberries, banana’s, strawberries and chocolate sauce was their choice, and of course the obligatory squeeze of lemon and sugar for those that wanted.

It was Ben’s first proper pancake day, as last year he was a bit to young. He’s a fussy customer (I guess with 6 children one of them had to be). He was however very impressed with Daddy’s pancake flipping :-)


We are of to Center Parcs in March (it maybe that I have to stay home with my daughter because she is so seriously ill, though as it’s just down the road I may get there for a day or two if care can be arranged, or god willing she may be well enough to make it too) but whatever happens my husband and the rest of my family will make it and I’m absolutely certain they will make it to the pancake house . It’s the one restaurant that the children ALWAYS beg to be taken to, we always go and always end up SO full we can hardly move (the Forester is my favorite filling). My husband took my eldest daughter to the pancake house in Sherwood 2 years ago. He took her on a very nifty wheelchair bike and her choice of pancake was the ultimate chocolate :-) Below is a picture of them when they’d just returned from the pancake house, then beneath that there’s the rest of our pancake day pictures take on Sunday. Wishing you all a Very Happy Shrove Tuesday from us all :-)



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