A Perfect Summer Hideout

MyCollage_41This months Center Parcs blogger challenge was to create  an outdoor hideout, or den as we called them where I grew up.

I’m still a bit of a big kid myself so I was more than happy to be taking part in this months challenge. Den’s bring back very fond childhood memories for me. Whenever my childhood best friend Sarah would come round to play (I was an only child) a den or hideout would often be involved, regardless of if we were playing indoors or out. Also my parents were huge fans of camping, so many weekends were spent at campsites up and down the country where Sarah and I quickly became expert outdoor den builders.

Indoor den’s are great fun too of course, especially when the weather doesn’t lend itself to outdoor den building. Den’s are great places for inspiring children’s imaginations and when possible outdoor dens are my favorite as nature provides the ideal tools and environment.

This weekend we managed a quick trip to the New Forest, with hideout hunting/building  in mind, OK, hideout hunting and dinner in mind, well it was a Sunday, and Sunday’s always call for a Sunday lunch in our household ;-)


So of we went, through boggy terrain, wearing inappropriate footwear and with a 5 year old dressed as Rapunzel :-)

20130623_120327 but no matter, we found what we were looking  for. The New Forest is dotted with lots of these little hideouts if you know where to look (much more accessible wearing wellies). OK, we didn’t actually build this hideout ourselves, although these things are always partly constructed and the children love adding to them, this provides hours of free fun. Even our 2 year old Ben was happy to gather sticks to contribute.

Here’s what we found…


…And here is a beautiful Center Parcs hideout, Treehouse, (if you’ve not seen one before)


Our hideout building skills are yet to reach this standard just yet…I think we may need a few more years practice :-) Until then our children have talked us in to booking one of these one day, we didn’t need much convincing ;-)

If you’d like to take part in this months Center Parcs family blogger challenge with the chance to win a short break at Center Parcs then please see here for details and good luck :-)

Below are a few other hideouts that our children enjoy and have enjoyed in the past, I thought I’d share a few pick and mix pictures (as I had quite a lot) before I go, hope you enjoy!





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